About Us

Hi, I’m Nicole Belan, the creator and founder of Hemp Lash.  I first learned about the healing aspects of CBD when I started reading about various treatment
methods for those suffering from the debilitating side effects of cancer. As I began to further educate myself on CBD and its various uses, I could not help but wonder could it have helped my dear friend who passed away years ago?

I went from being curious about all of the benefits CBD provides, to becoming an actual user of the oil. I, myself, struggle with anxiety and a chronic sleep disorder. I wanted to steer away from prescription medications and thought this was a healthier alternative. Over the course of
a few weeks, my life changed dramatically. My anxiety had subsided to a manageable level and I was finally getting a full night’s rest.

Because of how well I felt on CBD oil, I decided to see if I could utilize its benefits in the world of beauty and fashion. This industry has been a passion of mine ever since I was a young girl. From my research, I knew CBD could help stimulate hair growth in cancer patients and those with hair loss disorders. It was around this time, I saw an ad for a competitive lash serum and the list of all the negative side effects it could potentially cause. I realized I could create a healthier option using a quality CBD oil and organic vitamins and minerals. Thus, I started my business and combined my love for CBD with the beauty world and created Hemp Lash.

As a single mother, I took the risk of  tarting my own business to show my daughter you should follow your passions and dreams. This dream has turned into a reality and the results my customers are getting speak for themselves. Every day, I get to listen to the positive feedback from people who have used this product and the amazing transformation their lashes have taken. I have given them an organic lash serum that is healthy and effective, and I could not be prouder. 

Before I started Hemp Lash I was a former sales rep for several different Fortune 500 companies. I was also involved in the sales and creative advertising industry since 2002. Today, I currently reside in Baltimore, MD where I have lived for the past 25 years. When I’m not behind my desk or traveling for my company, I’m spending time with my 10-year-old daughter, enjoying the outdoors and volunteering.