Real Eyelashes

Chemical Free

100% Organic

No Bimatoprost

I am excited to be using a natural product like CBD to get results like this. I had no lashes 3 weeks ago. I used to use another lash growing serum but lost my lashes after I stopped using it. It was also too pricey for my budget. Try it and see for yourself. Thanks Hemp Lash!



I bought Hemp Lash questioning the actual result. I had eyelashes but they weren’t long and they were turning grey. I used it and after two weeks my bottom lashes started filling in. After a month my top lashes filled in. Now at five to six weeks my lashes are so long that my when I apply my mascara it hits my eyelid. This is amazing! This product lasts a long time. I'm still using the same tube after 3 months and I apply every night. I keep it on my nightstand so I don’t forget to use it before bed.   


Cindi B

My wife Jacqueline has been using Hemp Lash for about a month, and she is extremely pleased with the results! Her eyelashes are thicker, fuller and longer, and I can vouch for the effectiveness of this product.  


Brian Balistreri