Where I Source My CBD

When I created Hemp Lash, I was motivated by creating a product that would help me grow my lashes without all the harsh chemicals. Throughout the past few years, I’ve been learning about Hemp-derived CBD and how it can make an impact on people’s lives. And as I did my research, I began to formulate and create a hemp-derived, organic eyelash serum.

As I was developing my product, it was important that the CBD oil I used was of the highest quality! I knew Brian Smalley, at Freedom CBD, but the company was so new they weren’t producing oil yet. I began testing several oils, but they weren’t quite hitting the mark. I begged Brian to send me something I could test with and he finally did. And it didn’t take long to realize that this was the product that I needed in Hemp Lash.

Hemp Lash was created because I wanted something organic and clean that I could put on my eyes. CBD was a natural option for me and making sure it was made out of the best oil out there was a high priority. It wasn’t enough for me to just test it and know it worked, I wanted to see how it was produced for myself.

This past Summer, I was able to go to Bend, OR and visit Freedom CBD which was an amazing experience. I got to see Brian Smalley, who is co-founder and genius behind the genetics, as well as the entire lab and farm team. To be able to really see where the CBD oil comes from was incredible. From the plants in the greenhouse, to the extraction to the final product, I got to really see and trust the process they use that ultimately creates the base for Hemp Lash.

Freedom CBD is located in beautiful Central Oregon and I was just in awe the whole time I was there. The mountain views make it super peaceful. Meeting them all really felt like family and made me feel super confident about the material that I am putting in my product.

While I was there, I even got to record an episode of the Hemp School Podcast with host Ryan Sanford!

The thing I most appreciate about Freedom CBD is they put total care into each step of the process, just like I do for my product. And I wanted to share this story with you so that you know how much love and care went into my formulation, even down to the sourcing of each ingredient!

If you want to check out Freedom CBD’s tinctures and other products, I highly recommend it. I’m pleased to be a part of their amazing family.

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